How to Create a Website Without HTML knowledge

Struggling too much!

Still not getting your answer how you create your own first website without any HTML coding or web design knowledge?

Believe me, without proper guidance, it took me Nine years to create my first professional website.

Shocking naaa!

When I see my past mistakes, I will laugh at my stupid mistakes.

Don’t panic yourself with my professional guidance you can create your own professional website and start earning from it vary the first day.

Online Myth: You must have Computer science or IT education background to create your own website.

Reality: hahaha but I am professional Mechanical engineer, How I made my own website. It’s a totally fake bullshit online myth.

ūüí° Pro Tip: Read-only quality content instead of quantity if you want to become a serious professional blogger in future. I again repeat what I say in the previous line if you want to become a professional blogger not just a simple blogger like rest of the world, capture information only from a genuine verified source.

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This blog post consists of my boring struggle short story. So that you can not repeat my mistakes as a beginner, who has no knowledge regarding website creation like me.

Here my short story begins,

In 2009 I decided to create my first website, at that time not having professional guidance consumes my too much precious time and waste my lot of energy.

I purchased one HTML coding book and start learning to code, believe me, it was my blunder mistake. At that time I open any website in browser and press F11 to view the source code. Below image is one example:

Image source: Orkut

After with some editing I copy pasted that HTML code in my notepad file and save as .html file extension. Congratulations to myself, my first webpage ready.

Blaah Blaah!

After so much hit and trial methods, now I created a 5MB folder in which I have all my coding and images source files. Just only create this simple folder it took me 2 years because I am not having that much coding skills.

Here my short story ends.

If you are from Non-technical background then learning to code definitely not a good choice for you. Saves your precious time for learning other things instead of HTML coding.

Now you worried ” How we create our first website without HTML coding”.

First, you have to understand some few technical website dictionary words in a simple way.

Definitely, you see these followings words everywhere on the internet but you do not clearly understand as a beginner.

I am assuming that you’re a non-technical person, I’ll try to explain all these words in a wholesome way.

Lesson 1

1. Niche website

straight to point without going much deeper,

let us take an example you have a passion for playing the Chess game.

Now what i want to tell you, that

Games are of two types :

a. Outdoor games ( football, cricket etc).

b. Indoor games.

and chess game comes in the indoor games category.

when you create a website regarding all sports for both indoor and outdoor games in which football, cricket, chess and many more games came under that website is known as General website.

But when you create a website for indoor sports category only on Chess game then that website is known as a Niche website.

lets more briefly,

According to the above example in a niche website you talk about only chess techniques, chess cardboard sizes, king queen moves rules etc. Your whole website is fully dedicated only for chess, not for football, cricket.

Now definition for Niche website,

A niche website dedicated to a very specific audience. A  Nich Website that Website Which Is Particularly Focused on Specific Category and Contains Content Only Related to that Category.

2. Domain Name

supposes your website is your Home or office.

Your real House address is,

House no. 786
washington, D.C.
United States of America
Pin code – 20004

but online it looks like with some extension

.edu and many more.

now put your website name just before this extension it known as a domain name.

value of blog . com

value of blog is my website name with .com extension , so my domain name is

Now Definition

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the ” current ” name of a website. This makes it easy for users to remember the address of a site and access it with ease.

3. Web Hosting

Where you stored your all website data at one place.

Lets take an example

You have your bed , cloths, toothpaste, mobile charger, books inside your house and pay monthly electricity bills, mobile bills etc.

Similarly, your webhosting is just like online Hard disk storage where you have stored all your website data like images, coding files etc.

Now the main reason why you pay for webhosting .

To open your hard disk data you need a computer and electricity. So, to resolve this problem webhosting companies take monthly charges to provide you 24×7 electricity and computer i.e web server to run your website in a smooth manner

Brief above summary just taking  Housing Analogy example

Web Hosting is like a house.
Most people rent house(s) or room(s) (subscribe to hosting packages) to stay.
Same way, we put our website content/files on one of the hosting providers.

Website is everything in your house.
Furniture, interior design. Visitors might leave your house if it’s stinky and ugly. (Badly designed website)

Visitors are the people who visit your house.
Or in technical terms, clients who visit your website.

How did they find your house by the way?

Domain Name is like a street address.
You need to register one so that people can find you.
For example, or

Web Browser is like a car.
You enter the domain name and the car will get you to the right house, i.e. website. Just like cars, some browsers are fast (Chrome) and some are really slow. (Internet Explorer).

Now i assume you understand all basics terminology for creation of website.

Let’s celebrate you understand all basics !

Lesson 2

STEP 1 website niche

Select your website niche, if you still not decided your website niche then read my detail guide here .

ūüí° Pro Tip: As a beginner go with your Hobby after that you can change your website niche, once you learnt all the basics.

STEP 2 Buy Domain name

Don”t waste too much time on thinking, just go with randomly any one domain. I created my first website with my name without wasting my time.

I buy all my domain name from Godaddy.

ūüí° Pro Tip : Buy two domain names one for learning and one for earning.

STEP 3 Select webhosting.

Selecting a webhosting company is a crucial part of your blogging journey because it took 70% budget of the website from your pocket if you do not select webhosting company in a smart way.

Here 70% blogger journey end before starting, you know why as a beginner they prefer free webhosting plan instead premium plan.

First, you understand game logic behind every webhosting company

Definitely, when i was a beginner like you, i select free webhosting plan because at that time i don’t know the side effects of choosing free webhosting plan. Why free webhosting plan causes one of region my first blog failure.

It took me 4 years to understand working Bossiness model of every webhosting company. I am again repeating for beginners to save your precious time, please don’t repeat my mistakes otherwise you also take 4-5 years to under the whole scenario.

Lesson 3


Let’s understand webhosting companies game plan,


I try almost 1$ to 50$ monthly plan of every web hosting company. When you search on google “best webhosting company” after wasting your 2-3 days your results are as following:

1. Siteground (You find No.1 Position due to the quality of service)
2. Bluehost (You find No.1 Position due to cheap plan)
3. Hostgator
4. A2hosting
and many more.

Generally today i talk about working Business model plan not webhosting companies comparison, so i took only 4 companies on my experience basis.

Point 1

When i was a beginner after spending one month research i go with siteground. Now here what i am try convey the message here, just zoom below image what you saw that after one year you have to pay 19.95 $ per month instead 4.98 $ in GrowBig plan column.

Image source: siteground

Point 2

A downside to becoming a blogger when you have low budget inside your pocket, that you have to pay the advanced complete payment for 12 months not monthly.

But in advertisement Banner of every webhosting company, you saw per month plan such a low price but wait when you go make final payment step.


What you saw that you have no option for monthly payment, you have to pay the advanced payment for yearly. By mistake, you find an option for one month trial period additional you have to pay website maintenance charges ( 4.98$ + 25$ for one month).

Below image shows one year price with a discount offer.

Lesson 4

My mistakes:

  1. In hurry , i ignore the regular price only see the offer price also deposited 1 year advanced payment. In my beginner phase, it took me 7 months to understand user-interface of my webhosting account control panel.
  2. On completion of  12 months, now i have to face regular monthly price. In my email inbox i got an email from the siteground team, after reading that email i totally shocked

When i purchased first time i paid only $ 59.76 after completion of 12 months i have to pay $ 179.40, what a rubbish.

As a beginner blogger, i can not afford that much money.

Why i have to pay 3 times more suddenly after 12 months when i contact to customer care of siteground.

They said that we give you options to choose 24 months or 36 months under discount offer price but you select only for 12 months. Now you have to pay our regular price to use our service further.

So with no choice left at that time, I have to switch to another webhsoting company. But i found on my second webhsoting company again the story is same.

So this is the game plan behind every webhosting company, Now you have to make smart move to save your money and also to start your blogging career.

Hope now your learnt a lot thinks from my mistakes.

I am not against any webhosting company, i am just suggesting them they should give monthly plan payment to their loyal customers.

One question here comes

How a beginner can buy a premium webhosting under budget ?

Go with Vultr webhosting company. You can create your own website with $2.5 per month, additional you pay monthly charges not yearly. If you want to become a serious blogger this much monthly amount is not too much for you

Lesson 5

Why i recommended Vultr webhosting company ?

First, understand technically you got your own dedicated server not like shared Hosting. So their is no chances of hacking your website in future.

let’s understand with a simple example,

you have your own desktop computer. You have one CPU in which only one hard disk present with great performance and speed. This is one basic example of own server look like.

What else,

If i connect 10 hard disk in one CPU, do i get same performance and speed as like previously? NO, you face too many issues. This is one basic example of shared hosting looks like.

In shared hosting, you have to compromise  with speed and performance of your website because on same server there are 10-20 other websites already present on it. Also, there is chances of a security breach with your website data.

That’s why shared hosting is less secured.

How to setup account on vultr


  1. Go to Vultr website
  2. Click on the top right side create account button.
  3. Then type your personal information.

After that, you have to verify your email address. Then click on the Plus symbol on right hand side.

Then select your server location

click on the application tab then select wordpress below the right bottom.

After that select server size , as a beginner go with 5$ per month its more then enough.


Then in additional features option

Enable the IPV6 .

after that startup script and SSH keys leaves it empty

now scroll down the page and select host name and click on deploy

Just wait for two minutes shortly your server will be ready in a short span of time.

when your server is ready click on the manage

Then scroll down the page and go to your IP address and note down your username and password.

When you open your IP address in a new tab then pop up window open then type your username and password.

After that select English Language & click on the continue button.

Now its time to enter your site title name and create your new WordPress username and password.

After writing all your information’s click on the Install WordPress button.

Note: This username and password is different as i mention above

Congratulation your first website is ready.


Lesson 6

How to Design your website

This is a very simple and easy process.


You can design own your website, that’s why I give heading to this blog post as ” Create a website without HTML knowledge “.

Just go to Themeforest website and search on what purpose you want to design your website.

Let’s take an example 

you want to create a website for Food restaurant,

1. Just search on Themeforest website and type Food restaurant WordPress theme.



2. Purchase theme from there

3. First of all, you need to download the theme installable file from your account that purchased item, go to your ThemeForest Account > Downloads Tab



4. Now go to your site WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and click on Add New Theme like below



5. Now click on Upload Theme

6. Choose the zipped file that you have Downloaded from ThemeForest and click on the Install button, then wait for the installation process


7. Final step click on Activate theme


Wow !

You created your first website.

Comment below how is your experience to create your own first website without knowing any HTML code.





One more step remaining:

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